Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate

About the reserve...  

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is a private residential game reserve situated just outside the tourist town of Hoedspruit.  Home to a variety of game species, Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is the perfect place to spend some time with nature in nature.  We are able to offer guests self catering accommodation on the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate.  Each private lodge is situated on a 5000 square metre plot within the 680 hectare reserve.  The Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate has a wilderness area too where guests can go on their own self drive game drives to spot the animals.  On the game drive route you will find two elevated bird hides and a few little dams where guests can watch animals or simply enjoy sundowners

Being located just outside town, Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is convenient!  Shops, banks and some really great restaurants can be found just outside the estate.  The Orpen and the Phalaborwa gates into the Kruger National Park are too just a short drive away.   

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Wildlife on the reserve...  

Hoedspruit Wildlife estate is home to a variety of plains game species such as zebra, waterbuck, giraffe, kudu, nyala, a whole lot of impala and warthog.  Smaller critters such a tortoises, chameloens, snakes, squirrels and bush babies can also be seen on the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate.  We have been lucky to spot jackal, and even honey badgers, civet and genets on rare occasions on the reserve.  And at night...the howl of the hyena pierces the air letting us know that they are out and about too!  Featherd friends are frequent and you can expect to see many hornbills and barbets and a variety of other bush birds.  Often various vultures and birds of prey have been spotted too.  Monkeys and baboons will often pay a curious visit so be cautious to lock up your lodges to avoid monkey parties while you are out! 

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is home to leopard too.  Very elusive but they has been spotted on a number of occasions.  From time to time, Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate has some wilder visitors that make their way past the fence and on these occasions - the front board will alert guests as to lion or wild dog signtings.  Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is safe for guests to walk around and is the ideal terrain for a leisurely moiuntain bike ride however, being a wildlife area, guests are always advised to be vigilant.   

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Staying on Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate...

 Some general info about staying on Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate...

CHECK IN / CHECK OUT:  Check in is between 14:00 and 18:00 and check out is at 10:00.  If you wish to check in earler, or would like to check out later than our stipulated times, please arrange this beforehand and we will make every effort to accommodate your requests.

POWER AND WATER:  Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is wild in nature and from time to time – electrical outages and water shortages are par for the course.  Should there be a power outage, there are candles under the sink in the kitchen.  Power is a treasured resource here and guests are kindly asked to turn off any lights and electrical appliances when leaving the lodge for the day.  Water in the bush is also a treasured resource and guests are asked to not be wasteful.  Water is generally safe for drinking however, from time to time, especially during the rainy season, it is recommended that guests buy their own purified water.

FEEDING THE ANIMALS:  Guests at Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate are requested to not leave any food outside or feed the wildlife.  They are wild and thus unpredictable.  Monkeys can be a nuisance and while it is cute to feed them...it is not cute if they bite or later come and steal the treats you were feeding them earlier! 

FIREARMS, FIRES and FIREWOOD:  No fire arms will be allowed on the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate.  Guests are also requested to not collect any wood on the estate.  There are many poisonous trees and burning the wood / eating food cooked on the wood of these trees can be fatal.  Scorpions also hide inside dead wood.  Firewood may be bought from the two petrol stations in town as well as the Pick’n’Pay & Spar.  Guests are requested to please only make a fire in the designated braai areas and to be responsible.  With thatch and a dry bush, irresponsible fires can quickly become uncontrollable.

ROADS & GAME DRIVES: Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is wildlife reserve - our animals are very important to us and always have right of way!  Guests are asked to please obey the speed limit of 30km when driving around the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate and to be aware of the animals around you.  Be sure to check out the bird hides and dams on the game drive – great spots for sundowners! 

NOISE LEVELS: Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is a place to enjoy nature in peace.  Guests are asked to please respect the peaceful nature of this reserve and keep noise levels to a minimum when visiting.

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Hoedspruit wildlife Estate Wildlife

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is a nature haven and ideal for visitors who are wild at heart and in love with the African bush!   To enquire about self catering accommodation at Howzit Hoedspruit lodge on the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, please complete the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!   


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